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 Article 3

3.1.        Natural persons who own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle or persons who are interested in the history of Mercedes-Benz or the objectives of the Club are entitled to become members.

3.2.        The following categories of MBCC members exist:

·         Founding Members. They are the members who have signed these Articles of Association and are the founders of MBCC, and enjoy all the rights of Ordinary Members.

·         Ordinary Members. A person who as been an Associate Member for at least one year may apply to the Management Committee to become an Ordinary Member. The application must be accompanied by the recommendation of two Ordinary Members. The Management Committee may refuse a membership without having to give a reason.

It is understood that an Ordinary Member may recommend for Ordinary membership only two persons per calendar year.

·         Associate Members. Persons who wish to promote the Club’s objectives or are owners of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, but do not wish to be involved in its rights and obligations may become Associate members by paying the annual fees. Associate Members have no voting rights.

·         Honorary Members. They are elected by the Management Committee in recognition of the services rendered for the promotion of the objectives of MBCC. Honorary Members have no voting rights.

3.3.        During the Meetings, only the Founding and Ordinary Members who have settled their financial obligations have the voting right.

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